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Tushan Lite

What is Tushan Lite

Tushan Lite is a purely configuration-based solution built on Tushan, requiring only a simple configuration file to implement a complete set of front-end solutions for backend management projects.

Quick Experience

You can visit to view the sample project.

Viewing allows you to see the demo configuration.

Using Custom Configurations

You can append your own configuration file after ?config=, like:<config-url>

Will Tushan Lite Steal or Intercept User Information?

No, Tushan Lite is just a front-end running container. If you understand react native/Swagger, you can comprehend that the position of Tushan Lite is similar to Expo/Swagger. The specific backend implementation still needs to be sent to your own remote server.

If still concerned, you can compile/deploy it to your own server. The source code is here: