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<ListTable />

The <ListTable /> component is a pre-configured list view that includes list display, sidebar, filter conditions, and import/export functionality.

A typical <ListTable /> looks like this:

createTextField('name', {
label: 'Name',
list: {
sort: true,
action={{ create: true, detail: true, edit: true, delete: true }}
  • filter: Defines filter conditions to allow users to filter records. A simple example is as follows:

    createTextField('q', {
    label: 'Search',

    A special convention is defining q as a universal search condition, such as for document titles and content.

  • fields: The fields parameter specifies the fields to be rendered in the list, with each field corresponding to a list item in the list view and a form field in the sidebar. Different types of fields are rendered using various factory functions like createXXXField, tailored to different data types.

  • action: Specifies the common operation types to be supported, such as create, view details, edit, delete, along with export, refresh, and also supports custom operations. An example of a custom operation is as follows:

    custom: [
    key: 'foo',
    label: 'Foo',
    onClick: (record: any) => {
    console.log("click record:", record);

This setup allows for a flexible and feature-rich list view that can be customized to fit various backend management needs.